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My name is Dr. Grace Malonai (Ph.D., LPCC#252), and I am the Executive Director at TheraThrive. I am an interactive, integrative, and strengths-based psychotherapist who has been providing counseling services to parents, children, teens, couples and families since 1998. Our therapists at TheraThrive each bring in special skills and qualifications, making TheraThrive capable of supporting you and/or your family through most types of concerns.

We specialize in neurodivergent populations, including autism, ADHD, giftedness/2e, high sensitivity, learning disabilities, and more. We offer individual child, teen and adult therapy, family therapy, relationship counseling, parenting support, co-parenting, group therapy (many types), and professional consultation. We treat a full range of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

At TheraThrive, we help our clients gain insight about their relationships, improve communication, learn mindful awareness and relaxation, to understand, process and better manage emotions, and increase work or school performance.

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